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Online Tutorials

Introduction to Test Builder (running time 2:46) - learn about user roles, how to login, how to navigate the application, and how to change your password.

Using Teacher Tools (running time 2:2​5) - learn how to create classrooms, add students, add links and online resources, print login cards, and change user passwords.

Creating Tests in Insight -learn how to create new tests by finding questions using state standard indicators, passages, or item banks.  Also learn how to review and update tests you've already saved and create tests from other testing resources.

  • By indicator (running time 3:44) - find questions using state standard document codes and indicators to create tests.
  • By passage  (running time 3:57) - find questions associated with select passages to create tests.
  • By bank  (running time 3:30) - find questions using specific item banks to create tests.
  • Test Details (running time 3:06) - learn how to preview, edit, copy, and delete a test as well as review the details about a test.
  • Answer Key Only (AKO) (running time 1:58) - learn how to create an answer key test from another testing resource so results can be stored in Test Builder along with other test results without having to recreate the entire test.

Creating Custom Items - learn how to create, edit, and manage your own test items, including custom scoring rubrics, equations, and passages.

  • Creating questions (running time 1:56) - introduction to creating your own questions.
  • Entering and Editing Text (running time 5:39) - use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to enter and edit text and images for questions.
  • Creating a rubric (running time 2:04) - learn how to create a grading rubric and how to associate it with a question.
  • Creating a proficiency (running time 1:34) - learn how to create proficiency profiles that can be associated with tests and used when viewing results on reports.
  • Creating a passage (running time 1:54) - learn how to create custom passages that can be associated with questions, which can in turn be added to tests.
  • Question management (running time 1:59) - use Question management to find, review, and edit custom created questions.

Managing Banks (running time 1:08) - learn how to create and use Banks for storing and finding assets, such as items, tests, passages, and more.

Creating an Assignment (running time 4:29) - learn about the different ways in which tests can be distributed to colleagues and students, i.e. sharing, publishing, and direct assignment.

Test Management (running time 2:10) - use the Test Management page to quickly and easily view the status of test assignments or move un-assigned tests between banks.

Reporting and Grading Screen (running time 4:50) - learn how to adjust or enter responses for test assignments, view updated scores, and view results data in assignment reports.

Student On-line Test Experience (running time 1:45) - learn how students access and complete assessment tests online.

 Response Devices - learn how to download, install, and operate the necessary software to use various clicker devices to capture assessment results via Insight.

Plain Paper Scanning Solution (running time 3:20) - learn how to use a black and white printer and image scanner to print and scan bubble sheets for testing.  Special scanning equipment is not required.

Using School Administration (running time 4:39) - as a school administrator, learn how to create, deactivate, and manage user accounts; generate login cards; review applicate usage and user activity; establish school settings for users to manage their own accounts; upload a school logo; and more.

Using Backpack (running time 5:12) - use this web-based file management system to assign work to students, enable students to return completed work, and to provide graded work back to students.