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District publication capability expanded to allow more granularity and rolled up reporting

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In this release, district administrators gain the ability to publish assessments or tests at a granular level by grade, school, course, or individual teacher.

 Additionally, published test results are now visible to district administrators where they were not before.

 Finally, we've simplified the user interface for navigating through the test administration process.  This change applies to all users, regardless whether the test is administered at the district, school, or classroom level.  Each administration of a test now has a dashboard where users can view current progress of the administration, print copies of the test or answer key, launch integrated applications such as response devices or scanners, and view the results of completed administrations -- all from one screen.

New navigation

All users -- including district administrators, school administrators, and teachers -- now have the ability to filter their Assignments list by their classes, directly on the list screen.  Users are no longer required to navigate to a separate class list to view the assignments for a specific class.

 The class "boxes" for each class at the top of the Assignments list page have been removed.  Users will no longer need to leave this page and go to another list page to view the assignments for a specific class.


 Instead, users will simply filter the main Assignments list on the fly by selected class, or all classes, using a drop-down menu at the top of the list screen, without being required to navigate to another page.


 On the Test management page, publications and district assignments for the test are distinguished in their own sections for district administrators.  This will provide additional clarity for the district administrator regarding the active distribution methods of the test as well as the status of the test administrations.

 The Publish test workflow has been updated to provide additional options. When a district administrator chooses to publish a test, he/she will now go to a new screen rather than opening a pop-up modal.

 When a district administrator publishes a test, an assignment group is automatically created and given the name of the publication.  The assignment group will not contain any classes or students at first; the group is just a way for all the classes that are administered the test by the teachers in the publication to be grouped together at the district level.  This enables the district administrator to view all the results that come in for the published test at one time.

The assignment options -- whether students can review the test after they take it or if the test is timed -- are determined by the district administrator when the test is published.  Note that teachers will not be able to change these options when they choose to administer the test to their classes.

This full-screen view allows district administrators to choose who the test will be published to.  They can...

  • publish tests to the entire district, which will make the test available for assignment by all school administrators and teachers in the entire district; OR...
  • publish tests to select teachers, based on grade, school, course, and teacher.

Once a test has been published to teachers, the test will appear on each teacher's Home page under Recent Activity as well as in the published tests list under Tests.  

 When a teacher selects the test, he/she can choose to assign the test to his/her classes by creating a new assignment for the publication. 

Teachers do not have the ability to change the assignment group name or assignment options for the test -- these are set by the district administrator when the test is published.

Teachers can either select all his/her classes, some of his/her classes, or select students from select classes for the test administration.

All of the test results for all of the teachers' administrations are rolled up to the district assignment group and are visible to district administrators.

These enhancements include a new version of the assignment details screen that serves as the assignment dashboard for each user who has administered a test -- regardless whether the test was published or assigned.

Any user can view the assignment data by all classes in the assignment that he/she has rights to view, or filter the assignment details by individual class.

Instead of having to select the test then select the class from the active assignment list on the test details in order to view the grade screen or access integrated applications, users can simply filter the assignment details by class to access these options.

 Note: In order to activate the Grade link to access the Grade screen, the user must select a single class from the menu first.

As a district administrator, why would I publish a test vs. assign it?

Publishing a test makes the test available to teachers and school administrators within the district, but does not immediately grant online access to their students.  When a test is published to teachers and/or school administrators, the teachers/school administrators must first assign the test to their classes in order for the test to be available to students for online testing or for the teachers to be able to post results through scanning or response devices.

Publishing a test involves the teacher or school administrator in the test administration process, because the teacher or school administrator must choose which classes to assign the published test to before their students can take the test.

When a district administrator assigns a test to classes, the test is immediately available to the students in the classes for online testing.  While teachers and school administrators can access the assignment of the test to their students from the Assignments list, they do not play an active role and actually administering the test, especially online.

 General refresher on district test distribution

District administrators have three options for making tests they create available to other users within the district and its associated schools:

They can Share a test, which makes it available to all school admins and teachers at all the schools in the district or just to other district admins in the district.

  • Shared tests must be copied before they can be assigned and administered to classes, and each user that makes a copy can edit it before they assign it.  
  • Shared tests must be assigned before students can access them.
  • Shared test results are not visible to the user that originally created and shared the test -- only the user who made a copy and administered the copy sees results.

They can Assign a test, which makes the test available to the teachers and students associated with the classes selected for the assignment.

  • District assigned tests are immediately accessible to students -- teachers do not have to assign tests again before students can access them, nor do teachers have the choice when their students get access.
  • District assigned tests cannot be edited in any way by teachers or school administrators.  Only district admins can edit district assigned tests.
  • District assigned test results are visible to district admins.
  • District assigned tests are not visible to school administrators, such as principals.

They can Publish a test, which makes the test available to school admins and/or teachers at the schools in the district.

  • Published tests are accessible to any school admin or teacher in the district that was added to the publication -- teachers must assign the test to their classes before students can access the tests.
  • Published tests cannot be edited in any way by teachers or school administrators.  Only district admins can edit published tests.
  • Published test results are visible to district admins.
  • Published test results are visible to school administrators, such as principals.

Tips and Reminders About Publishing Tests

  1. Only a user with the role of district administrator has the ability to publish a test.
  2. For all users, the my tests filter under Tests displays tests the logged in user created.
  3. For all users, the shared tests filter under Tests displays tests that have been shared with the logged in user's school or district.  Note that if the logged in user shares a test that he/she created, it will not necessarily display on his/her shared test list.  It will only appear in shared tests if the user is part of the school or district that the test was shared with.
  4. For all users, the published tests filter under Tests displays tests that have been published to the logged in user, the logged in user's district, or a grade or course that the logged in user is associated with.  Again, if the logged in user publishes a test that he/she created, it will not necessarily display on his/her published test list.  It will only appear in the published tests if the user is part of the publication.


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