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Export Tree View of All Three Assignment Reports to Excel or PDF

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You now have the ability to export the Tree view of all three Assignment Reports to either Excel or PDF.  Export buttons for both file types appear above the tree view for each report.

The Excel export generates a .csv file that always contains all the data in the Tree for which you have access rights to view.  This includes data all the way down to the Student grouping, even if you have not expanded the on-screen view down to Student.

Hint: The .csv file that generates will be named after the report that you ran the export for, i.e. the Standards Assessment Tree export will be called "Standards-Assessment".

The PDF export only includes the data for the groupings that have been expanded in the on-screen version of the Tree.  For example, if you have only expanded the Tree down to the Teacher, the District, School(s), and Teacher(s) will appear in the PDF.  In order to include student data in the PDF, you must expand the Tree all the way down to the Student grouping.

The PDF export includes the hierarchy from the tree.  On any page, you can see what class, teacher, school and district the student belongs in.


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