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Generate and print Individual Student Reports for Assignments

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You now have the ability to generate and print individual student reports for any of your test assignments.

  • Student reports can be printed in bulk across the entire assignment (school level only) or for specific classes and/or students. 
  • Each student's report included in the printable file is separated by a page break, so each printed report can easily be distributed to each individual student.
  • Student reports include the following information:
    • Student name and student ID
    • Total score on test assignment (in percent)
    • Total points earned out of points possible on test assignment
    • Test name
    • Course name
    • Assignment name
    • Class/section name
    • Teacher name
    • Proficiency on entire test (according to the proficiency profile on the test) compared to the class average proficiency
    • Item analysis, showing which questions the student got correct and incorrect as well as points earned for constructed response questions
    • Proficiency on each standard tested in the assignment

The first step in generating an Individual Student Report is to open the assignment that you want to print student reports for.  On the assignment details screen, you will see a new section called Printable Reports with a link called Individual Student Report.

Teachers and school administrators can generate the Individual Student Report for all their classes/sections at one time, for one class at a time, or for select students within a single class.

District administrators can only generate the report for one class at a time or for select students within a single class.

 To generate the report for a single class, select that class from the drop-down menu at the top of the assignment page.

 If you choose to generate the report for all the classes in the assignment, the report will immediately start generating as soon as you select the Individual Student Report link.

 If you choose to generate the report for one class, you will be prompted to select students in that class.  This enables you to either generate the report for all students in the class or select students within the class.  A pop-up modal like this one will appear when you select the Individual Student Report link.

Note: Only the students that have completed the assignment will appear in the selection modal.

 Once you've selected the students from the class for whom you'd like to run the report, select the Download Report button in the modal.

After all your selections for classes and students have been made, the report will start to generate.  A status bar will indicate the progress, and when the report is complete a link will appear for you to download the file.

Note: While the report is generating you should not navigate away from the page or try to select a different class; otherwise the file will stop generating, you will lose access to it, and you will have to run the report again.

When you select the Download File link, you will be prompted to open the file.  It is recommended to use the default settings.

The PDF file containing the selected class and/or student's data will be placed in the temporary file menu on your computer.  You can open the PDF from your file browser, which should open automatically.

If a teacher or school admin generates the file for all the classes in the assignment, they will all be included in one PDF file, sorted by teacher, then class, then student.

Each student's report is color coded according to the proficiency profile you associated with the test.

 The Individual Student Report PDF files can be saved and/or printed.  You can regenerate the report at anytime, either for different classes and students or as additional student results are posted to the system while testing is still ongoing.


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