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Improvements to Insight Assignment Gradebook make it easier to navigate and use

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On September 10, 2012, LearningStation will release several improvements to the usability of the Assignment Gradebook. 

The total points available for the test has been added at the top of the Gradebook, so you always know the total possible points for the test when viewing or adding student scores.  The score column has also been moved to the left and grouped with the student name, making it easy to see what each student scored on the test without scrolling.

The active row, the one you are actively editing, has been made more visible.   The question numbers now display above each data entry box in the active row, making it easier to keep your place in the grid when grading a specific student.
 To make it easier to keep track of which student you are grading in the grid, the student name now follows you as you scroll, once the name column is no longer visible.

 If you've created an Answer Key Only (AKO) test with questions that have custom answer responses (i.e. multiple choice questions with point values higher than 1), the responses now show the answer option as well as the point value in the menu.
 A Cancel button has been added for each student row, so you can easily escape error if you selected the wrong student by mistake or entered the wrong data.


Helpful Hints... How do I get to the Gradebook and what do I use it for?

There is a link for the Gradebook at the top of the Assignment details for every assignment.  Simply select the name of the assignment from the Assignments list or the Tests list.  From the assignment details, select the class you would like to grade and the Grade link becomes enabled.

Use the Gradebook to...

  • Enter responses provided via paper tests or quizzes
  • View responses provided during online or response device testing
  • Score constructed response questions using point values or rubrics
  • Correct responses provided via any testing method
  • View scores for tests and quizzes by individual student


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