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Insight now connects to SMART Exchange content

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If you use SMART response devices for administering assessments via Insight, or simply want to connect to SMART content from within the Insight Test Builder application, you can.  LearningStation now offers an optional link to the SMART Exchange Standards-Correlated Lessons, making it one step easier to find content related to the standards you are assessing in Insight.

Here's how it works.

First, you'll have to contact LearningStation Support and request that the SMART Exchange setting be enabled for your subscription.  

Once it's enabled, any user at your school will automatically see a section at the bottom of the Assignment details screen called Aligned Applications.  The Aligned Applications section includes the standard indicators for any standards included in the assessment that's being administered in that assignment, the corresponding descriptions for those standard indicators, and a link to the SMART Exchange web site where Standards can be searched by grade and subject. 

 Please note that Test Builder is not linked directly to the corresponding content for specific indicators within the SMART Exchange.  You will have to conduct a manual search in SMART Exchange for the standard indicator by document, grade, and subject in order to locate the desired lessons and content.


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