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Getting Started

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The LearningStation platform provides students and teachers with access to engaging computer tools and applications for enhanced teaching and learning. This guide provides detailed instructions about how to use the Insight tool within the platform, which enables district and school administrators as well as teachers and students to assess and benchmark student mastery of learning objectives. 


This guide assumes basic computer knowledge by the reader. We assume the user knows how to use basic computer hardware, such as a mouse, keyboard and monitor. We assume that the reader knows how to launch a web browser and navigate to a web address or URL. We also assume knowledge of basic computer terms, such as click, install and log in.

Using this guide

This user guide provides step-by-step instructions on using the Insight application. It is intended to be a reference for users of the LearningStation Insight application. It can also be used by trainers to help others become more familiar with using Insight. This user guide can be printed and put in a binder for quick reference, and it can also be accessed online. Please use it however is most convenient.

Customer Support

If you have questions or need technical assistance while using this guide or the Insight application, please contact LearningStation customer support by email at LSCsupport@LearningStation.com.