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The first step in using this application is to know how to login and navigate the system.  It’s also important to know where to go to get help if you need it.

Logging In

Typically, you will receive a Login Card from your system administrator before logging in for the first time. Login cards include your Subscription ID, Username, and Password.

The Subscription ID identifies the specific Insight account that will be accessed. Generally, it’s associated with the name of the school, district or facility. Only authorized users will be able to access a specific Insight subscription account.

To get to the proper login page, you will enter http://AssignedSubscriptionID.learningstation.com.


Assigned Subscription ID:  lsc

On the Browser Address Line enter: http://lsc.learningstation.com

Bookmark this page to make it easier to find next time you login.

You can also go to www.learningstation.com and select the Login option in the top right corner of the banner. 

Once the Login Page opens you will enter your Username and Password.  If logging in from www.learningstation.com, you will also need to enter your Subscription ID.

Tip: Use the login URL at the top of the Login Card provided to you.  If your school has established Single Sign On through a school hosted portal or web site, you may be logging in at a different web address and use your portal username and password.  If there is uncertainty about the login page, please contact the subscription administrator or LearningStation customer support.

 After you’ve logged in, you will go directly to the Insight Home page.

If you want to return to Insight Home at any time during your session, simply select the LearningStation logo in the left corner of the banner.

Changing Your Password

If the Settings option is available in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Insight application under your name, you are allowed to change your own password.  Click the Settings option from the menu to change your password.  

You must know your old password in order to change it.  You can change your password as often or as rarely as you like.  

Individuals who have a Teacher level login and who do not know their passwords can request a password reset from their Subscription Administrator.  Teachers can reset Student Level Account passwords using the Teacher Tools, but only Subscription Administrators can reset teacher passwords.

Change your own password

  1. Log in to Insight
  2. Click the drop-down menu under your name
  3. Select the Settings option in the menu
  4. A screen like this will appear

  1. Enter your old password in the first field
  2. Enter the new password in the second field and confirm the new password in the third field
  3. Click Update Password
  4. The screen will confirm your password has been updated
  5. Click the LearningStation icon to return to the Insight Home page

Tip: Passwords are case-sensitive.

Tip: Typically only Teachers and Subscription Administrators have the ability to change their own passwords.  Administrators do have the option to allow student users to change their own passwords by adjusting their user settings.

Getting Help

Help is available via the Help option, also in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Insight application under your name.

The following help features are available:

  • Insight Quick Start Guide
  • Insight User Guide
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Browser Support Tools
  • FAQ
  • New Release Blog

Logging Out

All applications open in a new window or a tabbed window. To exit completely from the software, close the window or tabbed window. The Insight application will continue running behind the opened software in its original window. To completely close out of the platform, click the Logout option in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Insight application under your name.

The Insight application does time‐out and will automatically log‐out the account after six (6) hours of non‐activity. This time‐out will occur even if you have launched a resource and have been working in the resource without going back to Insight. If you have been working in one resource for over 6 hours, go back to the Insight home page and launch another window. You may get the message that you are logged out; just open another browser window and log in to the Insight application.