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Scantron User Guide

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In order to use the Scantron device in conjunction with Test Builder and the Learning Station software, first you must install the Scantron client provided by Learning Station. To do so, visit your Insight or LearningStation homepage, click on the “Test Builder” tab, and then select “Settings” from the Tasks column on the right hand side. You should now see the screen as shown below.

Figure 1: Be sure your Scantron device is properly connected prior to the installation of LearningStation's Scantron client.

At the top of the page, you should see “LS Scantron Client Install”.  Just below that reads “Download the PC version”.  Select it.  In Firefox, you will be prompted to save the file, so click on “save file”.  The “Downloads” window should appear if you are using Firefox.  The file will be labeled “setup.exe”.  Double click that name.

NOTE: If you do not see the “Downloads” window in Firefox, select the “Tools” menu option from within Firefox and click on “Downloads” from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: If you are using IE8, choose to “Run” the file when prompted.

The setup process will now begin.  If prompted with a security warning, choose “Run”.  The application will show you what components will be installed on your computer. Your screen should be similar to the one shown below.

NOTE: The list of components to be installed may be a little different than the image above, depending on what is already installed on your computer.

Click “Install”.  The installer will download the necessary files and automatically execute the files as needed.

NOTE: If Windows prompts you for verification to allow an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer, select “Yes”.  If you are prompted with a self-registration error, choose “OK”.

The installation process will take about 5-7 minutes depending on what components need to be installed.  The installation will also install your Scantron hardware.  If prompted to install, be sure to select “Install”.  Once installation is complete, a window will appear showing you that the installation was successful as shown below.

Select “OK”.  The LearningStation Scantron client is now installed on your computer.

Go back to your Test Builder homepage.  Select “Assignments” from the Tasks column on the right hand side and choose the class you wish to use with the Scantron device.  Click on your “Active Assignment”.  On the right side of the Assignment detail page under “Integrated Apps” you should see a link called “Scantron key”.  An example is shown below.

NOTE: If you do not see “Scantron key” please contact LearningStation Support at 888-705-3276 or email at lscsupport@learningstation.com.

Click on “Scantron key” and choose “Save file”.  Click on “OK”.  If using Firefox, the “Downloads” window should appear with the file that you just downloaded.  Double click the file to open it.  It will open using the LearningStation Scantron Client as shown below.

The first section will be “Form Options”.  The first option, “I want to scan answer forms now” is used for forms that are ready to be scanned and have the Student/School information already filled out.  The second option, “I want to print preslugged forms now” is used if you would like to pre-print the student and school information on the forms prior to testing.  

For this example, you will select the first option.  You must also select the form that was used from the drop-down menu.  Next, you will select “Scanner” on the bottom left of the window.  Your screen will now look similar to the one shown below.

Now, you must choose the scanner that you will use.  Select the drop-down menu, and you should see the scanner that was installed during the client installation at the beginning of this setup.  The last three options in the bottom left corner are for use if you would like to change any of the default settings when scanning the tests.  Once all settings are set to your preference, choose “Go to Scanning” in the bottom right corner.  Your screen will be similar to the one shown below.

The forms are now ready to be scanned using the Scantron device.  Load the forms into the Scantron device making sure they are properly aligned and are facing the right direction as required by your device.  Once the forms are loaded, select “Start Scanning”.  The device will scan all loaded forms, and will display the information in the LearningStation window as shown below.

If there were errors in the scanning, you may select “Rescan Batch” to scan the forms again.  If there were no errors then the data is ready to be uploaded to Test Builder. Click on “Post Results” to do so.  Once finished uploading , go back to your internet browser and click “Refresh” in your browser to display the uploaded data.  If you did not keep your browser open, navigate back to the “Assignment” page in Test Builder and click on the applicable assignment that was used for this test.  An example is shown below.